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Tehran, the capital of Iran, is located on the gorgeous slopes of the Alborz mountains. Tehran, an amazing combination of modernity and tradition, is a homogeneous combination of ancient buildings, magnificent mosques, luxurious mansions, refined parks and modern buildings. Stay with us to take you on a tour of beautiful Tehran.

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Apart from being the largest city and capital of Iran, Tehran is a great destination for travel thanks to the museums, parks and historical tourist attractions. In this page you will get all the essential information for visiting Tehran.  

With an area of ​​730 km, Tehran is the 25th most populous city in the world. This city is surrounded by Alborz mountains from the north and Iran central desert from south. For this reason, the weather in north of the city is more moderate than the south. 

Tehran in history

Tehran was a village in Rey. Old Rey used to be an important political and commercial center. Tehran became the capital of Iran during the Qajar period.

Public transportation in Tehran
  • Subway: Tehran has a subway network that has extended to Karaj, a nearby city. Metro is the fastest and cheapest way to get around Tehran. Currently, there is a metro station in most of the city’s main squares. Subway line maps are available at all stations. The price of a one-way subway ticket is 10,000 IRR.
  • In-city bus: There are west to east and north to south high-speed bus system (BRT). The regular bus line connects the main squares of the city and has stations on different streets.
  • Taxi: Like all cities, in Tehran taxis are available everywhere. Of course, you should be prepared to hear about expensive taxi fares and possible traffic jams. Telephone taxis and wireless taxis are other expensive options. You can travel by digital taxi using the Snap or Tepsi application.
Tehran weather

The city of Tehran is located between the mountainous region of Alborz and the vast plains of central Iran, which with the humid westerly winds and the vastness of the city of Tehran have created a different climatic situation in this city. In Tehran, the weather in the mountainous areas is semi-temperate and in the plain areas is semi-desert, which in the past had a favorable climate compared to current years.

Best time to visit Tehran

However, Tehran is said to be a four-season city with no climatic restrictions, the best season to visit it is March-May and September.

Access route to Tehran

Probably, Tehran is your first destination in Iran. You can continue to other cities in the country by car, bus, train and plane.

  • By Bus: Passengers who prefer to travel by bus will have four choices: Argentin, south, east or west bus stations.
  • By Train: Traveling by train is a very economical and convenient way to numerous destinations in Iran. Tehran Railway Station located in Rah Ahan (Railway) Square, is one of the busiest stations in Iran. From there you can reach the city center by metro, BRT and taxi.
  • By Air: Two main airports of Tehran are Mehrabad, for domestic flights, and IKA for the International flights. Mehrabad Airport is in the city center, to there you can easily get by taxi and metro. This airport has direct flights to Tehran not only from big cities, but also from small airports of some cities.

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