Vank Cathedral of Isfahan

The blessed capital of the Safavid kings, Isfahan, with a wide range of historical monuments, is a great destination in Iran. the awesome constructions of Safavid kings such as numerous mosques with turquoise domes, palaces, gardens, mansions and historical bridges make Isfahan interesting. Among the monuments in Isfahan, Vank Cathedral is a must-see monument that should not be missed. Join Leaveabode Isfahan city tour and enjoy this historic cathedral.


Vank Cathedral in Isfahan. | LeaveAbode - Hit the Road
Vank Cathedral in Isfahan. | LeaveAbode – Hit the Road


Vank Cathedral or Amena Pergic is one of the biggest historical and religious attractions in the Julfa neighbourhood in Isfahan. It is the largest and most famous church in Iran that was built by the Armenian immigrants during the reign of Shah Abbas of the Safavi dynasty.



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The original cathedral was different from today’s building. Initially, the church had only a religious function for Christians; But today most attention is paid to the historical dimension and cultural attraction of the church.

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Know Before You Go

Where is Bethlehem Vank Cathedral?

Vank Cathedral is located in Jolfa Square, Nazar Street, Isfahan.

How to get to the Vank Cathedral ?

The best way is to take part in one of the day tours of Leaveabode.

Vank Cathedral is located in the central part of Isfahan, Isfahan province.

Holidays for Vank Cathedral?
  • 1 April
  • 4 May
  • 14 & 15 May
  • 4 & 5 & 7 June
  • 18 & 19 August
  • 6 & 7 October

Also, this market cannot be visited on holidays.

The dates may be changeable so get in touch with us for more accurate info.

When does Vank Cathedral date back to?

Vank Cathedral was built during the Safavid Era in the 18th century.

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