Tower of Silence

Yazd, an amazing combination of modernity and tradition, is a homogeneous combination of ancient buildings, magnificent mosques, luxurious palaces, refined parks and modern buildings. Among the monuments in Yazd, the Zoroastrian Dakhma or Tower of Silence is a must-see that should not be missed. Join Leaveabode Afternoon Yazd Tour and enjoy this historic fire temple.

Monument NameTower of Silence
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The Zoroastrian Dakhma was a place to leave the dead bodies. The four natural elements in Zoroastrianism are soil, water, fire, and air, and in this religion, it is not permissible to pollute them. So, after each person dies, they take his or her body to a tower of silence or dakhma to return it to nature without polluting the natural elements.

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