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Definitely, Kish Island is an interesting destination in Iran after seeing the pictures. I have several questions; can you please answer:


  1. Do I need a visa to Iran or I will get one on arrival at the airport?
  2. What are some interesting places to visit in Kish?
  3. How is the nightlife in Kish?
  4. What level of freedom can I as a woman have?
  5. What is the current temperature?
  6. What are the best hotels in Kish, no need to be expensive.


Look forward to any help from you.




Hi there,

First of all, follow this page to know more about Kish Island. Here is all the answer you need to know about Kish Island:


  1. You will receive a visa once you arrive on Kish Island – good for two weeks.
  2. The most famous place to visit on Kish Island is the Greek ship. A perfect place to visit at the sunset. Other places to visit are hotel Darius (enjoy a buffet dinner), the traditional bazaar, and the aqua park.
  3. Forget about the nightlife even on Kish Island. Due to Islamic laws, no pubs are available there.
  4. The hijab rules are applicable to the whole of Iran as well as the Kish island. But of course, those are not so strict there. Woman have their own beaches.
  5. Usually, the temperature ranges from about 25 Celsius to 35 Celsius.
  6. For the hotels in Kish check this page: Kish hotels


Hope this was helpful, good luck!


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