Iran Visa For Brazilian Citizens

Iran tourist visa is required for Brazilian citizens visiting Iran for tourism and business purposes. The stay for Brazilian citizens can be for a period of up to 45 days and the visa expires 3 months after being issued. Among the methods of getting an Iran visa, the international trend is towards e-visa, or electronic pre-application in order to obtain the visa on arrival. Brazilian citizens also can get an Iran visa grant notice before departure and collect the visa at Iran airport.

Iran Visa for Brazilian Citizens
VisaRequired (evisa)
Visa on arrivalEligible
Duration of stay45 days
Extension possibility2 times
Number of EntriesSingle

Get your Iran visa without having to travel to Iran consulate/embassy! LeaveAbode is a specialized platform approved by the “Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs” to process your visa application as an intermediary. We carry out your formalities with the Iranian authorities, to avoid any tedious process to reduce the risk of visa refusal and secure the visa grant notice in 2 working days. 

How to apply for Iran tourist visa grant notice from Brazil?

  • Step 1: Fill online Iran visa application form
  • Step 2: Submit your passport scan & identity photo
  • Step 3: Make the visa application fee online (€‎15)
  • Step 4: Once the visa is approved, the Visa Grant Notice is sent to you by e-mail
  • Step 5: Collect it from any Iran embassy or any Iran intl. airport you arrive in

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What are Iran visa requirements for Brazilian citizens?

Three documents are required for an Iran tourist visa:

  1. Completed online Iran Visa Application Form
  2. Passport Photo (no older than 6 months)
  3. Passport Copy (passport or travel document of Brazil with at least 6 months remaining validity and at least 2 blank pages)

What documents is needed to collect Iran Visa?

  • Passport
  • Visa grant notice
  • Health insurance (in English)
  • Visa collection fee paid to embassy or airport (about 80 euros)

Where is Iran Embassy or Consulate in Brazil?

The nearest Iran diplomatic mission office near Brazil is located in:

How long does it take to get an Iran visa grant notice?

Usually, it takes about 2-5 working days, sometimes more or less.

Is Iran VOA (Visa on-Arrival) issued for Brazilian citizens?

The nationals of 180 countries (including Brazil) can get an Iran on-arrival visa at the 11 Iranian international airports.

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Is it possible for Brazilian citizens to extend visa in Iran?

Yes, that is possible. As a Brazilian citizen, you can extend your Iran visa in police stations of foreign affairs two times up to 30 days (each time).

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How much is an Iran tourist visa for Brazilian Citizens?

Depending on the type of visa and place of collection, the price of an Iran visa for Brazilian citizens can be different. Leaveabode’s Iran tourist visa service fee for Brazilian citizens is 15 Euros for securing the visa grant notice. The visa collection fee to the embassy or airport is approximately 80 Euros. The exact amount may change over time but, it totally is at a reasonable price.

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Are Brazilian citizens allowed to enter Iran visa-free?

The free trade zones of Iran are open to tourists of different nationalities (including Brazilian) to travel visa fees for 14 days.

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Can Brazilian travelers apply through the Iran eVisa website?

Citizens of Brazil like most countries worldwide are free to apply through the Iran e-Visa website. However, they may have to wait longer than it is supposed to get the result. Many travelers don’t suggest this website.

Does Iran visa stamp on my passport?

In recent years, the Iranian embassy will issue applicants with a visa insert sheet instead of a sticker/visa stamp in passports. Applicants must keep this visa throughout their trip as it will be stamped with entry and exit. 

Collect Iran visa at an embassy or IKA airport?

The visa collection procedure at the embassy usually takes 1-2 working days. You may be asked to leave the passport and document and return another day. In most cases, the visa will be stamped on the same day. Or you can post your documents to the embassy. Before doing so, call the embassy to ensure they still provide services by post and what documents they need. List of Iran embassies around the world.

The collection procedure at IKA airport takes between 20 minutes to 3 hours, depending on your arrival time and the number of passengers in the queue. Besides IKA airport, you can collect Iran visa at other international airports such as Shiraz, Mashhad and Isfahan, which takes a shorter time. List of airports where you can collect Iran visa.

Know Before You Go

Iran is a very cultural destination which is opening up more and more to tourism. Obtaining a visa for Iran is now really easy and the procedure is faster: you can get the visa grant notice in 2 working days. Here are some tips for your trip to Iran:

Iran is 1,628,550 km2, while Brazil is 8,358,140 km2. This means Brazil is 5.13 times bigger than Iran.

Based on UNWTO.orgWorld Bank the number of visitors from Brazil traveling to Iran from 2008 to 2018 are as below:

YearNumber of visitors from Brazil

The ideal season to go to Iran is spring or autumn, during which the weather is pleasant. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot visit Iran in winter and summer, there are numerous options for you.

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Iran is one of the most hassle-free and safe countries for tourists in the Middle East, whether women, men, independent travelers or group tours. People are very respectful and friendly toward tourists.

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The plane is the preferred means of transport to go to Iran, and to travel within the country. It is also possible to take comfortable buses between major cities, such as Tehran and Shiraz. At night, the train is preferred over the bus.

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the hotels are of good quality in numerous categories from hostels to boutique hotels. It is easy to book a hotel in Iran through LeaveAbode hotel reservation service. In high seasons, the demand can exceed supply, so it is essential to book a room before leaving.

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The Iranian IRR (rial) is often counted in thousands or millions, that is why Iranians often speak of Toman which is worth 10 Rials. Exchange can be done in particular in the banks and exchange shops of the city centers.

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Being a very large country, Iran has four distinct seasons with different temperature degrees in different regions. So, you may face several climates depending on your route.

Generally, spring and autumn are milder and more pleasant in most of the country. On the central plateau (variable altitude between 1200 and 1800 meters), it will be cold in winter and hot in summer.

In the southern region and the Persian Gulf, winter is pleasant but summer can be too hot (over 50c degrees).

The capital Tehran enjoys a sunny but slightly rainy spring. The summer will be hot but being close to the mountain peaks, it will be refreshing. Autumn will be mild during the day but cooler at the end of the day. Snow in winter is quite possible with temperatures around 0.

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There is no compulsory vaccination to go to Iran. The hepatitis A vaccine is recommended.

Travel insurance is compulsory to travel to Iran. LeaveAbode can provide you with an insurance policy from Iranian insurance companies to cover your medical expenses.

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Shiraz: The orange gardens, Quran gate, the pink mosque, Persepolis, tombs …

Tehran: Golestan Palace, Tehran Bazaar, National Museum, Crown Jewels Museum…

Isfahan: The palaces, the mosques, Si-o-se pol bridge, Grand Bazaar…

The Brazilian embassy is located in Zafaranieh, Tehran, Iran.



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