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Shiraz, the cultural capital of Iran, is the city of poets, education, nightingales, and wine. It is a must-see that you would not miss during your trip to Iran. It is very close to Persepolis in the Fars province. Check all you need to know about what to see, what to do, where to eat and where to stay in Shiraz on this page. 

What to do in Shiraz?

A collection of unbeatable activities and experiences in Shiraz

Where to stay in Shiraz?

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What to see in Shiraz?

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  • To Tehran: 930km
  • Travel on surface: 10h
  • Travel by air: 1h15
  • By car: It is about 10h drive from Tehran to Shiraz. You can stop wherever you want. The cities you will pass on the way such as Isfahan and Kashan are worth to stop.
  • By bus: Buses are cheaper than trains and planes. Traveling to Shiraz is possible from most of the cities of Iran. You can depart from south, west and east bus stations from Tehran to Shiraz. In about 12h you will be in Shiraz.
  • By train: You can either choose a train trip and enjoy the beauties of the route. You can travel to Shiraz from most important cities in Iran such as Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan and Mashhad. The length of the route is different and the choice of train type is up to you. It takes about 15h from Tehran to Shiraz.
  • By plane: An air trip is faster, easier and more expensive compared to the above methods. You can fly to Shiraz from most cities in Iran such as Tehran that takes about 1h30. Several airlines offer flights to Shiraz, Iran Air, Mahan, Kish Air and Zagros are some to mention.

Shiraz is located at the altitude of 1486 meters above the sea level in the mountainous region of Zagros and has a very pleasant and temperate climate favorable for traveling all year round. The city is bounded on the north and west by mountains of the Zagros chain.

The average weather in the hottest month of the year (July) in Shiraz reaches 30-35 degrees Celsius and in the coldest month of the year (December) is measured at 5 degrees Celsius.

April and May are the best months to visit Shiraz when Shiraz is turned into a small paradise that you can’t help enjoying the pleasant weather.

July is the hottest month with an average temperature of 30 ° C and January is the coldest month with an average temperature of 5 ° C.

Although the best time for Shiraz is April and May but due to the mild climate, you can visit this city all year round. Most importantly you can save money by skipping the high season yet enjoy the beauties of the city on the low season.

  • Hafez Day, Oct 12
  • Sa’di Day, Apr 21
  • Cyrus the Great Day, Oct 29
  • Shiraz Day, May 5

The accommodation in Shiraz ranges from rock-bottom to luxury. Depending on your budget, you can have a luxury trip or a completely economical one.

The city of Shiraz is located in southwestern Iran and is surrounded by relatively high mountain ranges. The city is bounded on the west by Derak Mountain, on the north by Bamoo, Sabzpooshan, Chehel Magham and Babakohi mountains (from Zagros Mountains). Shiraz is about 240 kilometers wast and its population is one million and eight hundred thousand.

Delicious food and snacks of Shiraz tempt everyone to try at least once. The average price for fast food starts from 100,000 IRR and 2,000,000 for a complete meal at a well-known restaurant.

Fars province is one of the most important centers of handicraft production. Some of the handicrafts of this region can be found in world museums. Some handicrafts to mention are engraving, engraving, inlay, pottery, carpet, jajim, gabbeh, cloth, kilim, silver, and copper.

Another attractive souvenir is the local food. Distillates, faloodeh, lemon juice, herbal medicines, Masghati, halva and orange flower.

Such traditional and original handicrafts and delicacies of Shiraz will be the best souvenirs of Shiraz for you and your loved ones.

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