Eram, the Botanical Garden in Shiraz

No matter how many times you visit Shiraz, Eram Garden will always be on top of your “what to visit in Shiraz“ list. Eram literally translates to Paradise, is one of the most beautiful and magnificent garden-pavilions in Shiraz. This botanical garden will delight any person interested in natural and historical monuments.

Monument NameEram garden, باغ ارم شیراز
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Monument CategoryGarden
Coordinates29°38′09″N 52°31′31″E
All about Eram garden

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The garden has an extraordinary design that will enchant you when walking through the passages. The main passage that extends from west to east connects the mansion and its large pool to the end of the garden. Four beautiful palm trees in four corners of the pool add to the charm of the pool. The water in the pool then goes everywhere in the garden through the waterways.

Eram garden is home to the tallest cypress in Shiraz called “Sarv-e Naz”, Pine, Maple, Weeping willow, Black willow, Persian willow, Common ash, Cottonwood, Eucalyptus and Soar orange trees as well as numerous beautiful flowers. Currently, Eram garden as a botanical garden is owned by Shiraz University.

Eram botanical garden

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The exact information about the original founder and the exact date of construction of Eram Garden is still unknown. However, it is mentioned in the travelogues of the tenth and eleventh centuries travelers as a prosperous and magnificent garden.

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In 2011, 9 Persian gardens including Eram Garden in Shiraz were registered by UNESCO as world heritage monuments. The other 8 gardens are Pasargadae in Marvdasht, Chehelsotoon in Isfahan, Fin Garden in Kashan, Abbasabad in Behshahr, Shazdeh in Kerman, Akbarieh in Birjand, Dolatabad in Yazd and Pahlavanpour in Yazd.

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Gardens in Shiraz

Eram garden shiraz


Due to the hot climate conditions in Iran, building gardens was the result of intelligence. Water management, engineering, architecture, botany and agriculture helped Iranians to build the Persian Gardens.

Shiraz is famous for its awe-inspiring gardens that are beautifully designed through the centuries, the gardens such as Jahan-Nama, Delgosha, Afif-Abad and Eram gardens are to mention. Springtime, Shiraz is full of the orange blossoms odour coming from these gardens, which was the source of inspiration for the great Shirazi poets like Hafez and Saadi.

Eram Garden Through History

It is not yet clear exactly who built this historical Garden for the first time, and therefore no exact date of construction has been recorded. But, based on some documents in some travel literature, Eram Garden is dated back to at least the sixteenth century. It was developed during the Seljuq period, and later during the Zand period in the 18th century. After being handed over currently, the garden and the pavilion are part of the Shiraz botanical garden and are open to the public as a historical landscape.

Who built Eram Garden?

It is not yet clear exactly who built the Eram Garden for the first time, and therefore no exact date of construction has been recorded. But based on some documents in several travel literatures, this UNESCO-registered Garden is dated back to at least the sixteenth century.

The Botanical Aspect of Eram Garden

eram garden architecture

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Like the other Persian Gardens, Eram Garden was designed in four sections with precise geometrically proportionate measurements.

Being a garden with colorful flowers, Eram has a variety of flowers such as roses, tulips and puppies. The variety and multiplicity of rose flowers in this garden reach about 200 species.

Among the trees in this garden, fruit trees such as pomegranate, quince, apple and pear, evergreen trees, pines and willow have also doubled the beauty of the garden. The tallest cypress in Shiraz, known as Sarv-e Naz is remarkably placed in this garden.

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Eram Garden Pavilion

eram garden architecture

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An example of early Qajar architecture, a three-floor building is located in the center of the garden. At its basement, a narrow stream crosses that makes the summer heat bearable.

The inside area consists of two halls and five rooms, which are located on the west side of the garden and just behind the main building. The first thing that catches one’s eye is the seven-colour tiles, on which the motifs of Achaemenid kings and soldiers, flowers and landscapes are engraved. The most beautiful part of these decorations is the leopards hunting deer.

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Know Before You Go

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This historical garden is located in the central part of Shiraz, Fars province.

  • By metro: The nearest metro station is Namazi station. From there you can take walk for 10 minutes or take a taxi to the Eram garden.
  • By bus: The buses of Kolbeh-Eram or Narenjestan-Namadi are the best ones to your destination.

Eram Garden is located on Eram Street, close to Eram Square and near the Shiraz University complex.

All year roundfrom 8:00 to 18:30

The required time from this monument is 1 to 2 hours.

  • 1 April
  • 4 May
  • 14 & 15 May
  • 4 & 5 & 7 June
  • 18 & 19 August
  • 6 & 7 October

The dates may be changeable so get in touch with us for the recent information. [email protected]

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