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Kerman is where you can enjoy visiting the starry nights, the hottest point on earth and lush gardens simultaneously. Kerman, ​​240 skm, is several thousand years old. Being located in the desert area, Kerman not only has a spectacular and different nature, but also it is home to some of the most amazing historical places. Therefore, Kerman has always been considered a perfect and popular destination for all tourists. If you like to pay a visit to the hottest point on earth, your destination with no doubt is Kerman. To experience an unforgettable trip to Kerman, read this travel guide and proceed with the complete information.

What to do in Kerman?

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  • To Tehran: 998 km
  • Travel by air: 1h30
  • Travel by train: 14h
  • Travel on surface: 14h
  • Kerman International Airport: 20 minutes out of the city
  • By plane: There are flights to Kerman from big cities such as Tehran, Mashhad and Isfahan.
  • By train: The second way to reach Kerman is to use the train. The train station is 10 minutes from the city center. The route from Tehran to Kerman is directly by train in approximately 14 hours. The train passes through the cities of Kashan, Yazd and Zarand on this route.
  • By bus: Buses depart from Kerman every day to many destinations.
  • By private car: Traveling to Kerman in a private car is a suitable suggestion to visit different cities along the route. Leaveabode driver guides are all licensed.

Being a vast province, Kerman has a variety of climate conditions. In general, the weather in Kerman province can be divided into three categories: desert climate (Shahdad and the outskirts of Bam), subtropical climate (Kahnooj and Jiroft areas) and humid and cold (mountainous areas).

March to May and late September to early October are the best time to visit Kerman when the weather is favourable and the temperature will not exceed 30 degrees Celsius.

If you want to visit Kerman at the cheapest time of the year, then June, December to January are suggested when the hotels are available at discounted rates and you can travel on budget.


The abundance and variety of natural attractions and historical places in Kerman, turned this city into a great destination for many years.

  • Historical and cultural attractions of Kerman: Kerman, with several thousand years of history, has a large part of the historical attractions. From traditional baths to ancient citadels and fire temples, this amazing city is full of precious ancient sites that are a magnificent manifestation of The majestic history, culture and art of the Iranians. Some of the most attractive ancient sites in Kerman are: Ganjali Khan Complex, Vakil Bath, Anahita Fire Temple, Jabalieh Dome, Bam and Rayen Citadels.
  • Attractions for nature lovers: The charming and enchanting nature of Kerman province has always been one of the main reasons for traveling to Kerman. From its dense forests and towering mountains to dry, untouched deserts, Kerman province is full of natural wonders. Here are spectacular natural attractions in Kerman province: Mahan Shazdeh Garden, Fathabad Garden, Sirch ski slope, and Shahdad Desert where the hottest point on earth is located.

Kerman is not rich in the number of accommodations so you will not have many options especially during the high season. So, it is suggested to book your room beforehand. Pars Hotel and Kerman Tourism Hotel are some hotels to mention.

Any city in Iran has its own delicious foods. Kolo-Joosh, Boz-Ghoormeh (Kermani broth) and Cumin rice are some to mention.

As well to delicious sweets and pistachio, Kerman is famous for the handicrafts such as carpet and copper blacksmithing.

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