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I was born in Iran and moved to the UK about 20 years ago and have never visited Tehran since. I am a single female traveler and visited the world a year ago. Now I would like to visit Tehran as well. It is said that in Iran I cannot stay in hotels as a single female. Is that true?



First of all, let me tell you that you should either travel to Iran with your Iranian passport or you have to take part in a guided tour if you are on your British passport.

Iran is quite a safe country and the Iranians are very friendly and hospitable. However, like anywhere else, with some common sense, you will be on the safe side. Keep away from unfamiliar places, especially at night. Be friendly to the people, and they will return the gesture. Don’t be scared or shocked if Iranians approach you, they want to communicate, it all comes from the hospitality behavior of these people. The biggest majority of Iranians that you will meet will be very hospitable and friendly. Read more about safety in Iran for lonely females. Once you are in Iran try to relax and have fun, respect the culture and people and you will get ten times back in kindness.

Iran is very safe, much safer for female travelers there than in neighboring countries. You will come across dozens of European lone female travelers when you are here.


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