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I like to collect all information for tourists visiting Shiraz on these topics:


  1. general info
  2. history
  3. hotels
  4. a brief about Bazaars
  5. attractions (cultural, eco, medical, sport, business, and …)
  6. main contact info (police, immigration office, hospitals, and …)




Before going further with all about Shiraz, read Shiraz’s travel guide. There you will find all the information about this city in one place.


Anyhow, here is some info you may find interesting:


Who are Shirazi poets?

Shiraz is most known as the literature and culture center of Iran mostly because of two great poets of this city, Hafez and Sa’di. Sa’di who was a traveler visited a great part of the world. After returning to Shiraz, he wrote his two masterpieces. Hafez, being praised by Goethe, is the most famous poet of centuries. Spend time at their mausoleum and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.


Shiraz history?

Shiraz the cultural capital of Iran was once the political capital during the Zand dynasty (1747-79).

This city with more than 1,500,000 inhabitants situated in southwestern Iran, inland around 200 km from the Persian Gulf, at an elevation of 1,800 meters above sea level.



Shiraz gardens?



Shiraz Bazaar?




About 50 km. Northwest of Shiraz, at the foot of the Rahmat Mountains, one encounters the vast platform and remains of Persepolis, the grand ceremonial Capital built by Darius I (Darius the Great) and his successors some 2500 years ago. Archeologists are still combing through the debris and ashes that have covered Persepolis since Alexander the Great destroyed it in 330 BC. Most of the structures have already been revealed.



Pasargad is located about 77 km away from Persepolis. It was built by Cyrus the Great. Among the interesting sites at Pasargad is a stone platform of 80 m. long and 18 m. wide. It is believed to have been the foundation of a palace. Close by are the ruins of a building called the Prison of Solomon which was probably a fire temple.


The most important monument in [[Pasargad]] is undoubtedly the tomb of Cyrus the Great. It has seven broad steps leading to the sepulcher, which measures 534m. in length by 531m in width and has a low and narrow entrance. When Alexander the Great looted and destroyed Persepolis, he paid a visit to the tomb of Cyrus. It is recorded that he commanded Aristobulus, one of his warriors, to enter the monument. Inside he found a golden bed, a table set with drinking vessels, a gold coffin, some ornaments studded with precious stones and an inscription of the tomb, which reads:


“Passer-by, I am Cyrus the Great, I have given the Persians an empire and I have ruled over Asia.

So do not envy me for this tomb.”



some of Shiraz Restaurants:



Address: Qasr Dasht st , Qom Abad, Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 6272619


Teen( olive)

Address: Daneshjo sq, Western Saheli, Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 2330529 /2356479


Sufi traditional restaurant no 1

Address: Satar khan, Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 6275881/6263877



Sufi Traditional restaurant no 2

Address: Afif Abad st, Shiraz.

Tel:+98 713 6261573/09117115429




Darvish traditional restaurant

Address: Qasr Dasht st, Rahmat Abad, Shiraz.

Tel:+98 713 6268898/6287431



Karim khani restaurant

Address: Chamran boulevard, Shiraz

Tel:+98 09137148476


Pat teahouse and traditional restaurant Address: Paramount juncture, Shiraz.

Tel:+98 713 2354186


Shater Abbas traditional restaurant no 1

Address: Khakshenasi st, Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 2270914/2271612



Shater Abbas traditional restaurant no 2

Address: Chamran boulevard, Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 6244500/09117184671


Yord traditional restaurant

Address: Dinakan road, Mali Abad, Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 6256774


Sharzeh traditional restaurant

Address: Next to Vakil Mosque, Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 2241963 /09117178842


Karimkhani restaurant

Address: Next to Vakil Bazaar, Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 2226467/09137151509



Hafiz teahouse

Address: Hafiz mausoleum, Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 2284552/2280280


Sadi teahouse

Address: Sadi Mausoleum, Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 7272300


Khajo teahouse

Address: Khajo Mausoleum, Qoran gate, Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 09117111365


Parsian Takht Jamshid restaurant Address: Takhat Jamshid





some of Shiraz hotels:


5* Homa Hotel Shiraz

Address: Meshkin st. East of Park, Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 2288001



5* Pars Hotel Shiraz

Address: Zand Ave.Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 2332255




4* Park Hotel Shiraz

Address: Zand Ave., Park St. Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 221426




4* Arroyo barzan hotel

Address: Zand Ave. , Roudaki St. Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 2247182




3*Parsian Hotel Shiraz

Address: Zand Ave. , Roudaki St. Shiraz

Tel:+98 7132331000



3*Eram hotel shiraz

Address: Zand st. anvari opposite, Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 2303884



3* Apadana Hotel Shiraz

Address: Ahli St. Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 2301336



2* Kowsar hotel shiraz

Address: Zand Ave. Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 2335724



2 *Arg Hotel Shiraz

Address: Takhti St, Shiraz

Tel: +98 7132222889




Guest house


1* Shiraz Guest house

Address: 22 Bahman st, next to the telecommunication building

Tel:+98 713 2227535 – 2226942




1*Keyvan Guest house

Address: Naser Khosro St, next to Karimkhane Arq ( castle). Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 2221622




1* Pardis Guest house

Address: West Road, Karandish st, Next to the Bus terminal. Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 2228608




1* Milad Guest house

Address: next to Shah cheraq Mausoleum, Dastgheib st, Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 2224390




1* Nur Guest house

Address: Moshir juncture, Kuwait Passage. Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 2226040




1* Banafshe Guest house

Address: Moshir Juncture, Touhid Ave, Shiraz.

Tel:+98 713 2240283



1* four season Guest house

Address: Touhid Ave. Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 2223600



1* Janat Guest house

Address: 22 Bahman st, Chaparkhane st. Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 2224524 – 2242670



1* Darya Guest house

Address: Shahrdari, Piruzi st, in front of the Tejarat Bank. Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 2221778



1* Sadi Guest house

Address: Shahrdari Sq, Piruzi st. Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 2225126 – 2222887



1* Saeed Guest house

Address: Piruzi juncture, Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 2223832



1* Dashti Guest house

Address: Piruzi juncture, in front of Melli Bank, Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 2244389 – 2247573



1* Sorush Guest house

Address: Lotf Ali khan Zand, next to Qiam cinema, Shiraz

Tel:+98 713 2332185



Police office:

Tel: 110, 120


Immigration office:

Address: Modarres Blvd., Alley 57

Tel:+98 713 7275778






Namazi Hospital:

Address: Namazi sq.

Tel: +98 7136474332



Shahid Faghihi Hospital:

Address: Karim Kan Zand Blvd., Next to University of Medical Science

Tel: +98 713 2351087



Shahid Rajaei Hospital:

Address: Chamran Blvd.

Tel: +98 7136364001



Shahid Dastgheib Hospital:

Address: Hafiz st,

Tel: +98 713 2289308


Dena Hospital

Address: Motahari Blvd, Dena st.

Tel: +98 7136490411




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