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This is my second trip to Iran, but I missed Persepolis on my first trip. I have a week free from Jan 14 onwards, I was thinking to put this time heading to Persepolis. Is one week enough to visit Persepolis?

And how is the weather in Jan? Should I save this trip for Spring?

I would appreciate your ideas!




Hi Andrew,

It is certainly a pity missing Persepolis on a trip to Iran as Persepolis is an awe-inspiring monument of 2500 years ago the capital of the great Achaemenid emperorship. You can read all about this monument here on the ULTIMATE GUIDE TO PERSEPOLIS.

Of course, a week is quite enough not only to visit Persepolis but also to visit some other cities and monuments. Beautiful Shiraz is the first recommended city home to lots of interesting historical buildings and gardens. Bazaar, the mausoleum of Hafez and Sadi, Eram Garden, and Karim Khan castle are some to mention.

Considering the weather, I would say that wintertime would be perfect for visiting Persepolis. It is located south of Iran near Shiraz where it doesn’t suffer heavy cold winters. Tehran, in the north, can be very cold and snowy in January, but as for Persepolis, the weather is more pleasant.


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