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I am based in Islamabad and am going to move to Tehran with my family to work and live for a while. Could you guide me around some questions, please?

How much I should ask for a salary for a job in Tehran? Is it an expensive place to live?

Could you advise me about the furnished accommodation in Tehran? How much does it cost per month on a long-term basis at a good locality?

Is it generally safe in Tehran as I plan to bring the family along? How is life in Tehran? Are there good shopping malls etc in Tehran?

What is the cost of living in Tehran i.e. food on a per head basis in hotels as well as kitchen expenditure for a family of 3?

Are there chains of restaurants?



As you are from Islamabad let us compare the two cities.

First off, Tehran is much bigger than Islamabad, the total population in Tehran province is around 14 million.

Islamabad is a new and well-organized city. The roads and driving are in good order compared to Tehran. You will not experience Tehran traffic jams in Islamabad. So, driving in Tehran can be a challenge for you.

You can surely bring your family to Tehran. it is a safe place and Iranian people are really friendly and kind, especially to foreigners.

For accommodation try to find a place in the North of Tehran that is newer and the weather is pleasant and clean. You’ll easily find furnished apartments or houses there. Book a common clean hotel for a few days and refer to the nearby real estate agencies, don’t forget that the rates are negotiable.

You can find shopping malls, bazaars, and shopping centers everywhere in Tehran and the best ones are in the north of the city. Although, those are not like the ones in Dubai you’ll surely find all your needs at relatively cheaper rates.

Your salary completely depends on the job position and experience.

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