Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

The blessed capital of the Safavid kings, Isfahan, with a wide range of historical monuments, is a great destination in Iran. the awesome constructions of Safavid kings such as numerous mosques with turquoise domes, palaces, gardens, mansions and historical bridges make Isfahan interesting. Among the monuments in Isfahan, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is a must-see monument that should not be missed. Join Leaveabode Isfahan city tour and enjoy this historic Mosque.

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Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is an amazing and spectacular mosque in Isfahan due to its unique decorations and extraordinary architecture. The combination of beautiful colors with natural light make Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque a unique masterpiece of tiling and architecture.

Being located at the eastern side of Naghsh-e Jahan Square, you can visit other monuments nearby as well as visiting Sheikh Lotfollah mosque: Shah Mosque, Ali Qapoo Palace and Qeisaria Gate.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque with its beautiful and colorful dome was built by Mohammad Reza Isfahani during the Safavid era and it was listed as a national monument of Iran on January 6, 1961 and shows the most beautiful and best manifestations of Safavid art with its extraordinary architecture, tiling and decorations.

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