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I’m planning a trip to Kish Island in March to meet a close friend of mine who lives in Iran. Due to the political issues would I be safe to go? I would rather not cancel my trip (I have not yet booked anything but plan to do so soon), so is there a way  I can do to ensure my safety there more than ever? My friends say that I will be totally safe but I am a little cautious. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.





  1. Let us discuss it from two points of view: people and government.

People: you will not face any kind of hostility in Iran. Iranians are hospitable, gracious, and friendly people. Be friendly to the people, and they will return the gesture. Don’t be scared or shocked if Iranians approach you, they want to communicate, it all comes from the hospitality behavior of these people. The biggest majority of Iranians that you will meet are kind and welcoming. Once you are in Iran try to relax and have fun, respect the culture and people and you will get ten times back in kindness. Persian heritage has a long history of encounters with other nations. In fact, when you arrive in Iran, you will see so many European and American tourists everywhere. We were not aware of any anti-US or anti-European feelings.

Government: As long as you do not work for the American Government or any military offices you are safe and will get the visa. The only point that is important for the government considering the US nationals is that they take part in a guided tour for the whole trip. As long as you follow this rule you will be safe.

Some notes: do not take photos of people if they are not happy, and do not take images of governmental buildings. Keep away from unfamiliar places, especially at night. Read more about safety in Iran.


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