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I am going to travel to Iran soon and I am so excited about it. A friend who visited Iran 10 years ago is telling me I can’t show feet and have my hair showing but I have seen lots and lots of pics on the internet that show the dress to be relaxed.

That would be great if you could clarify the dress code nowadays!






Hi Carole,

The dress code has had many changes since years ago. It is now more relaxed especially in the summertime when the weather is hot in most of the country.

You can wear something like a light spring coat or even a longer blouse or top down to your knees or mid-thigh over pants or a full-length skirt. Use a headscarf or shawl to cover the hair. Sandals and flip-flops with no socks are allowed.

There are no color restrictions, however, dark colors are the most popular in Iran but in the summer months, different colors are usually worn. That is quite acceptable to wear a floral scarf and wear makeup.

Long skirts or long dresses and sandals are perfect choices for summer. If you have longer tunics or Indian tops you will be fine both with the dress code and avoiding the heat.

Have a good trip. Iran is very beautiful, clean, and safe, and the people are wonderful and hospitable.


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