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Hi everyone!

I am currently in Isfahan and I have a list of dishes recommended by some of my friends who have already visited Iran. I will write down the list and will appreciate it if the locals help me find the restaurants which serve these dishes. I know that all of them are not Isfahan specialties, but they will probably  be easier to find in Iran than elsewhere:

Torosh kebab

Khoresh Fesenjan

Khoresh bademjan

Kebab Hosseini

Gheimeh Rizeh


Thanks in advance!




Hi Laurena,

You can find all these dishes in Isfahan except for Torshe Kebab which is specific to Gilan province. But don’t worry you can find Toreshe Kebab in Tehran as well.

Just head to Naqsh-e-Jahan Square you can find many restaurants serving these dishes.

You can also go to Shahrzad Restaurant on Chahrbagh Street and Abbasi Hotel Restaurant on Amadgah Street to try these super delicious foods. Monsieur Arakel Restaurant in the Jolfa district is also recommended.

In Isfahan, you can also try Biryani which is Isfahan’s specialty, and also Isfani delicious desserts like Khoresht Mast. You can find them in Isfahan Grand Bazar and Azadegan Teahouse.


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