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Cross Iran by own car from Pakistan


Cross Iran by own car from PakistanIs it possible to visit Iran in our own car? If yes what documents do we need to enter Iran? Do we need carnet de passage or some other vehicle documents?  Will the Iran embassy provide us with this document?



If your nationality is US, UK or Canada, you are not allowed to enter Iran in your vehicle anymore. It was allowed before but the rules changed and the only way is to transit the vehicle on tow to the next border. Other nationalities, can cross Iran by their own car.

Required documents to cross Iran overland:

  • Iran visa: Since the E-visa website is not prompt, we recommended applying through our visa service and getting authorized in 2 working days.
  • Carnet de passage to enter Iran: You can apply through a company in your country. The better option is to get the carnet de passage at the Iran border. You have to apply before arriving at the border. The only possible borders are Armenian, Turkish and Azerbaijan that we can help with.


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