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I am visiting Iran with my husband in May. I am unsure about suitable dressing other than a head scarf. Should I be worried about the colors and patterns so to wear plain or dark colors? would I be able to buy suitable clothing either at the airport in Tehran or should I buy it from the local shops in the cities?


Islamic law prohibits women from displaying in public without being covered. This law is the same for foreigners, so to visit Iran, tourists need to obey the dress code as soon as getting off the plane.

It may be one of the issues that may make travelers worried, but it is relaxing to know that this law is not as strict as it is supposed to be, you may hardly find women wearing that strict hijab. Instead, that is usual to find them wearing the scarf casually backward while a good part of the hair is revealed or wearing more tight-fitting clothes.

As a female tourist in Iran, the dress code generally is covering your hair, legs, and arms and you should avoid tight or transparent clothes showing your body shape. Therefore, loose clothing such as long-sleeved mid-thigh tunics that cover the elbows, a scarf to cover the hair as well as long trousers or skirt seems to be suitable.


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