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I heard that the US has advised Americans against traveling to Iran. My wife is an American and she likes to visit my homeland. Once we obtain a visa for her, do you see any issues with them preventing her from entering Iran? Her family is worried that this may not be a good time to go, being worried about kidnappings and other things.



First off, marriage to an Iranian will not be accepted as official unless it is officially registered in an Iranian embassy. So, refer to the Iranian embassy in your area and have them validate your marriage. Then your family in Iran has to apply for your visa otherwise the US citizen needs to take part in a guided tour. Read more about the Iran visa for US citizens.

To tell you about the notion of kidnapping you would be quite safe in Iran. However, like anywhere else, with some common sense, you will be on the safe side. Keep away from unfamiliar places, especially at night. Be friendly to the hosts, and they will return the gesture. Don’t be scared or shocked if Iranians approach you, they want to communicate, it all comes from the hospitality behavior of these people. The biggest majority of Iranians that you will meet will be very hospitable and friendly. Nevertheless, as experience shows even in bad areas kidnapping is unlikely. Read more about safety in Iran.



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