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Paying the deposit for a tour to Iran


I am planning to visit Iran and contacted a travel agency for a tour package. The price is agreeable and I have to decide whether to book the tour and the flights to Iran and the return flights back to Britain, this is for June 2023, 9 months from now. The sole thing that makes me a little bit worried is paying the deposit. I know that due to the sanctions money transfer is not possible and the travel agent told me that I should pay the deposit through a business partner in Malaysia. Is this the routine for a tour to Iran?

Thanks for any input or advice you can give me.




The general rule is that once the agreement is achieved, the agency starts the process of visa. After the visa approval, you are asked to pay the deposit. As you are going to visit Iran in June 2023 it is too early to pay a deposit. Usually around a month before your arrival is the right time to pay a deposit.


Some agencies do not ask for any deposit; you can either transfer or pay all in cash once you arrive in Iran.



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