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I am a British passport holder and I have an Iranian sponsor for a business visa. I know that British citizens have to come and visit Iran in a pre-arranged guided tour. I am interested to visit some parts of Iran as tourist as well. Should I apply for both tourist and business visas at the same time? Can I go on a guided tour while holding a business visa?


You can apply for either Iran tourist visa or a business one but cannot apply for both at the same time. The regulations say your sponsor will be responsible for your stay and travel in Iran, so you need to ask your sponsor to do some research on this issue and make the necessary arrangements.

According to the rules passed by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Canadian, British and American passport holders have to come to Iran (for any touristic or medical purposes) in a guided tour with a prearranged detailed itinerary from arrival to departure. It is not possible for them to visit Iran on their own.

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