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Crazy to go to Iran in the summer?


Maybe it won’t be possible, but because of my schedule, I can only visit Iran in July. However, I see the weather get quite hot, about 95-100F. I’d be visiting Tehran, Isfahan, and the Caspian. Would I be insane to go at that time of year? Should I wait and try to do this another time, or give it a try?




Hi, it actually depends on where you are from and what kind of weather you are used to. Of course, it is hot in most of Iran including central Iran, the southern coastline of the Persian Gulf, and even the north coastline of the Caspian Sea. If that is your only chance to visit Iran, we suggest not to miss it.

All middle-class to luxury hotels, buses between cities, and sedan cars are air-conditioned. Don’t forget to have enough water with you when sightseeing. Sunglasses, sunscreen, and caps are also necessary.



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