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I have USD with me for my trip to Iran. When should I exchange the currency for Rials? I know airports have bad exchange rates should I not exchange more money than necessary?




You can easily find exchange offices everywhere.

The rate is almost the same in all the offices but they will give you a better rate for a larger amount of money.

*The official rate is issued at about 11 every morning. Try not to be too early at the exchange.

It is advisable not to exchange with people on the street although they might give you better rates.

The IKA exchange office also is a good one with a reasonable rate.

It is advisable to exchange gradually because if you exchange a huge amount of money you will end up with a huge stack of cash in your hand which is hard to handle.

If you are going to exchange all your money you would better apply for an Iranian debit card like a Mah card. It costs only €19. Their agent will meet you at your hotel and will give you the card. At the end of your trip, their agent will meet you again and exchange the balance into USD and pay you in cash.


Read more about money exchange in Iran.


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