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Visiting Kavir National Park


Hi, I’ve been thinking about visiting Iran the next year. More than architecture, I am interested in nature and wildlife. The pictures of Kavir National Park on your Instagram page are very stunning and I am convinced to visit it. How that is possible? Is there any tour that I can book to visit this area?

What about other natural wonders in Iran for tourists?

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The park is located 120km south of Tehran. To visit Kavir national park you need permission from the Department of Environment and it can be a long process and not possible for you as a tourist. The most straightforward way to get permitted and visit Kavir National Park is to take part in our Kavir National Park Tour.

Iran is a vast and diverse country so depending on your natural interest there are options. If you are interested to visit the desert, the most famous one is the Lut desert Near Kerman where you can visit gorgeous Kalouts and Gandom Beryan spotted as the hottest point on earth for years. Mesr and Maranjab deserts are also amazing.

Other than the desert areas, mountains and islands are some other wonders. Pink Salt Lake of Shiraz, Rageh canyon near Rafsanjan, Arasbaran forests and Qeshm island are amazing.

Here is a list of Iran’s Natural Wonders for you to know more.


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