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Travel to Iran during Nowruz 2022


We are planning to travel to Iran during Nowruz 2022. Will the tourist attractions be open at that time? Will those attractions be more crowded than usual? Are there any special celebrations or festivals?

In general, do you recommend avoiding traveling during Nowruz? Or will it be more fun to be in Iran at that time to see the celebrations? Anything we should pay attention to during the holidays? Do we need to book tickets/hotels in advance?





Nowruz is the beginning of the Iranians new year and most Iranians will be on holiday for around 2 weeks. The weather is fine and it is a great time to see the popular sites. All the tourist attractions are open but somehow crowded as many Iranians are on trips to different corners of Iran. Thus you have the chance to see more locals on the streets but have to wait in long queues for buying tickets and visiting places.

There are not any special celebrations or festivals but cities will be decorated especially in tourist places you can see the Iranian traditional Haft Seen which is the symbol of the new year.

Nowruz is the best time to visit Tehran which is normally crowded but empties out a lot during Nowruz as people have off from work and usually go visit family.

If you are going to stay in specific hotels you need to book in advance. You also need to book the flights/ bus tickets beforehand as there are lots of Iranian tourists at that time.

As Iranians are busy preparing for Nowruz in early March and the tourist spots are empty, it can be a good time to visit Iran before Nowruz and end up in Tehran at Nowruz.

Read more about Nowruz.

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