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I am planning to visit Iranian Kurdistan in late June. I want to visit Palangan, Sanandaj, Uraman Takht ,and Marivan. I am on a strict budget so hiring a guide driver is not an option. Instead, I have plenty of time for sightseeing. Is there any cheap transportation between these destinations or is hitchhiking possible? Any Information about other nice villages around this area is welcomed!



Hi there,

You have chosen the best time for visiting this green land as Kurdistan is really amazing in Spring. The best order of visiting the destinations you mentioned is Sanandaj, Marivan, Uraman Takht, and Palangan. From Uraman to Palangan you have the chance to visit other Amazing villages like Bulbar,Slien, and Hajij on the way.

Hitch-hiking is also possible, but you can take Minibusses, and taxis and hire private drivers as well. As you care about the budget taking a taxi can be the best safe choice for you, but you have to know that most of taxi drivers have low knowledge of English so you would better write down the destination for them.


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