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How hot can it get in Iran?


Without no hesitation, I tell you that my most desired trip was to Iran 5 years ago which I never forget. The only problem was that I found the temperature higher than what I had anticipated. I didn’t wear the heaviest garments, only loose black manteaux, and a headscarf, but I was uncomfortable most of the time. I have another opportunity to visit Iran again in July or October. I like to know how different the temperature can be for an elderly.

Thanks, Jane




Hi Jane

The best time for traveling to Iran is spring starting from mid-March to mid-May or mid-October to November. July in Iran can be considered the hottest month. October is much better but it is yet a bit hot and uncomfortable. But it depends on where in Iran you want to visit. The desert and central Iran are quite hot but if you head for the mountains it will be cooler.

Some points about what to wear in Iran: Try to wear dresses made of lighter tissues and use light colors. No need to wear underwear underneath, most women do this. Have enough water with you to moisturize the headscarf whenever you can’t tolerate the weather.



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