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Imam Khomeini Hospital Phone Number


Alsalamu Alaikom wa Rahmato Allah wa Barakatoh

Dear sirs,

I need any information from the “Imam Khomeini Hospital ” in Tehran such as the telephone, fax, or email of this hospital. Do they speak Arabic in the hospital?

I don’t know anybody in Iran and the google results were not helpful. It is very important for me as I have a friend there who got Spinal Cord Injury.

Waiting for any reply from you!






Hi Ibad,

Here is some info about Imam Khomeini Hospital in Tehran:

– Phone number: +98 (0)21-6693 8081-9

[email protected]


I am not sure if anybody there can speak Arabic Language but there are other private hospitals that provide the Arabic Language as well as English. Day Hospital is one of those to mention +98 (0)21- 8878 5811



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