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Persian cats (chinchillas)


Hi, does anyone know exactly where to go in Tehran to buy baby chinchilla cats (Persian cats)? I would appreciate the name or address of the market or place.

many thanks




Hi Salar,


Unfortunately, there is no special and famous place, but it is good to know:


Laws and Regulations concerning taking animals in or out of Iran:


3-1. taking out all kinds of pets, including finch and lovebird, if accompanied by a confirmation letter issued by the Environmental Protection Organization is permitted


3-2. taking out all kinds of aqueous creatures and non-supported wild birds (according to hunting codes) not included in Sytis species is allowed, if an exit permit is issued by the Environment Protection Department.


3-3.taking out all supported wild animals (according to hunting codes) is conditional upon consideration and issuance of the relevant permit by the Supervision department of the Environmental rotation organization.


3-4.tourists are allowed to bring in domestic animals provided that these animals have valid Health and Quarantine attestation of their country, which must be valid up to the end of their stay in Iran.


In case the passengers and tourists have some articles such as old pieces of handicrafts or anything that is difficult for the customs evaluators to assess their antique quality or non-inclusion of the article in the antique category, it is required that the tourist having such an item refers to the departments of the Iran Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization in Tehran or other provinces of Iran for packing, stamping, and sealing such an article one week before exiting from Iran.


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