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Hi guys,

I will have 14 days to explore Iran, I am planning to see the Lut desert as well after visiting Yazd. I want to know what is the cheapest way to reach the desert and spend one night there. I am a couch surfer, so I will not stay at the hotel.





Hi Johan,

Lut desert and also Dasht-e Kavir desert are the best to explore. You need to take the bus, taxi or train from Yazd to Kerman which will take 4-5 hours, and then you need to have a 1-day and 1-night tour to the Lut desert.

It’s recommended to book a tour in advance so that when you reach Kerman everything is ready. In a Lut desert tour, you can discover Shahdad kalouts , sand dunes, Gandom Beryan , Salt rive, Keshit oasis, and lots of other beauties if your time permits.

If you care about the cost of accommodation you can stay in rural houses or guest houses close to the desert, you can also use a camp.

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