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What should women wear in Iran?


I am told I must wear a scarf and a manteaux at all times in Iran, especially when arriving. I understand the scarf but what about the Chador if I am well covered, loose clothing, is it acceptable?

What about the Atlas hotel in Tehran to accommodate? I heard it may be awful.

Thanks for your help.





hello Dee,

As a woman, you must wear a headscarf and a manteaux or an up-to-mid-thigh dress or shirt at all times. Most Iranian young women wear an up-to-the-knee jacket over jeans.

The Atlas hotel is fine, about 65 USD for a room for two. If you like to change try the Iranshahr Hotel not far from the Atlas, the price is also between 65 and 75 USD. Both hotels are close to Iranshahr Park and not far from Ferdowsi Square.



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