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Buying scarves and outfits for a trip to Iran


I will visit Iran soon and would like to know more about the proper dress code. my main question is where can I buy scarves or suitable outfits for this visit?


Standard dress for women traveling to Iran tends to be a headscarf to cover hair, loose-fitting garments which cover arms and legs up to the knee, over pants or a long skirt.

Dress attire for men is similar to that in Europe. The only point is that short trousers are prohibited.

Sandals and flip-flops without socks are acceptable for both genders.

If you are going to purchase your dress in Iran it is better to do it on the first day of your visit. You can buy your scarves or any other clothing from the bazaar or the shops in the business centers or streets where the locals do their shopping.

There are shops at the airport as soon as you arrive, but the rates are much higher than in the cities.

Read more about the proper dress code for a visit to Iran: Iran Dress Code

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