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Tabriz, the Azeri-speaking land of Iran is the capital of East Azerbaijan Province. This city is the first destination in Iran for most overland drivers due to being next to the borders of Turkey and Armenia. Tabriz is limited by the mountains from north, south and east, and from the west, it ends up to the flat lands and Talkhehrud salty lands. To experience an unforgettable trip to Tabriz, read this travel guide and proceed with the complete information.

What to do in Tabriz?

A collection of unbeatable activities and experiences in Tabriz

Where to stay in Tabriz?

A range of hotels, hostels, traditional and boutique hotels in Tabriz

What to see in Tabriz?

A collection of unbeatable places to visit in Tabriz in numerous categories

Being located in the cold mountainous region, Tabriz is cold in winter and mild in summer. Normally, the average temperature of Tabriz in the hottest month of the year, July, is not more than 25 Celsius degree. During the coldest months, the temperature in this city is -2.5 Celsius degree.

During the whole year, Tabriz is beautiful and visiting it is desirable. However, the high season for this city is summer, especially in September.

To stay in Tabriz, you have many options of hotels and apartment hotels with a moderate degree of comfort to 5-star luxury hotels.

Based on your budget, you will find a place to accommodate. Laleh Park Kaya Hotel, Tabriz International Hotel, Gostaresh Hotel, Behbood Apartment Hotel, Shah Goli Hotel, and Shahriyar Hotel are some first-class accommodations there.


Do not forget to buy Tabriz souvenirs. High-quality nuts and sweets such as Nogha, Baklava, Loz, Latifah, Sahand honey and Liqvan cheese are some of the delicacies of Tabriz. Tabriz leather and carpet products also have their fans, which you can watch or buy.

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