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I am an American solo traveler planning a trip to Iran. I want to know what travel insurances cover an American traveling to Iran. I have used Battle Face and World Nomads in the past for other trips to different parts of the world but they don’t provide coverage for traveling to Iran.

Any advice would be appreciated.





Dear John,

You have two options for buying travel insurance to Iran:

  1. Buying travel insurance from International companies that have coverage for travelers to Iran like IATA which is based in Europe but offers travel insurance to all nationals worldwide.

Notice that international companies have a higher price but also higher coverage. Don’t forget to make sure they will accept Iranian receipts and bills for the paybacks, also check with your travel agent to know if it is acceptable for your visa process or not before buying the insurance.

However, it is better to check:

  1. Buying travel insurance from Iranian companies is easier and cheaper. You just need to ask your travel agent to do it for you. All they need is a copy of your passport. One of the best insurance providers in Iran is Saman Insurance.


However, Iran’s medical expenses are moderate, and you don’t need to use travel insurance that covers millions of dollars.

Do you need help buying travel insurance? Get in touch with us.



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