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I am a Chinese student studying at the American University in Cairo. I am thinking of traveling to Iran next year during the university break. I feel to have two major problems, one is the language barrier and another is security.

I have no familiarity with Persian, I like to know is that ok for me to speak English there?

Since the president claims against Israel, does it affect normal tourists as well?

Will my study at the American University has a negative impact on my visa application process?

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Hi Ap,

Security in Iran will not be a problem for you as Iran is one of the safest countries for tourists. Read all about security in Iran.

Many youths in Iran speak English so you can easily find people to communicate with you in English. Because the Iranians are all welcoming and helpful, whenever you face problems just look around and there will be one to help. Get familiar with the useful phrases in Persian.

Studying at an American university makes no problem for you to get an Iran visa but having an Israeli passport stamp in your passport will surely cause problems. So try to change your passport before applying for Iran visa.

We answer all questions about Iran. If you also have any questions, get in touch with our team.


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