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Good evening,

I am a solo Canadian female traveler planning to visit Egypt and Lebanon next month and trying to add another unique destination to visit so I have chosen Iran, I know Iran is a strict Muslim country where I have to wear a hijab or at least a shawl covering. Can Iran experts help me out with the accommodation and safety as a solo female there? I opt for low-budget hotels /hostels, are they safe for me there? how is it like taking normal public transportation to various cities as am flying into Tehran but planning to travel domestically to various cities? I need guidance kindly. I should say that I am originally Arab however traveling with my Canadian passport though my passport states my country of birth is an Arab country but I have read that Iran Government has restrictions for all Canadian travelers and that they must hire a professional tour guide and only go out with tour guide, how does it work with me being originally Arab carrying a Canadian passport. I just don’t want to spend so much money on a tour guide escort.





Hi Huda,

First of all, as you hold a Canadian passport you have to follow the rules passed by the MFA for Canadians and your place of birth and your origin doesn’t matter. What matters is your passport.

You have to apply for your visa through an official travel agency in Iran with a pre-arranged detailed itinerary and must be accompanied by a tour guide from arrival to departure, for your entire trip.

You can send us a note, tell us your preferences and we will arrange a tour on your demand.

About safety in Iran: you would be quite safe. However, like anywhere else, with some common sense, you will be on the safe side. Keep away from unfamiliar places, especially at night. Be friendly to the hosts, and they will return the gesture. Don’t be scared or shocked if Iranians approach you, they want to communicate, it all comes from the hospitality behavior of these people. The biggest majority of Iranians that you will meet will be very hospitable and friendly. Nevertheless, as experience shows even in bad areas kidnapping is unlikely. Read more about safety in Iran. Once you are in Iran try to relax and have fun, respect the culture and people and you will get ten times back in kindness.

Read more about female safety in Iran.


About hijab: As a female tourist in Iran the dress code generally is covering your hair, legs, and arms and avoiding tight or transparent clothes showing the body shapes. Therefore, loose clothing such as long-sleeved mid-thigh tunics that cover the elbows, a scarf to cover the hair as well as long trousers or skirt seems to be suitable.

Read more about the dress code in Iran.


We answer all questions about Iran. If you also have any questions, just send us a note. 

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